Hello. I’m Mark.

Freelance Web Developer. Sheffield, UK.

I create high quality websites that look great and work brilliantly on the full range of modern internet devices. Find out more about the work I've done…



Over 14 Years of Experience

Agency 4 years → Freelance 10 years

Design & Build

I've been hand-coding websites for almost 20 years. As a result I have a depth of knowledge and experience that goes back to the start of the modern web. I offer a full website design & build service. I also work with other designers and teams to build their designs.


I build and test all of my sites with the W3C WAI-ARIA and WCAG accessibility guidelines in mind to make my work as inclusive as possible. All the websites I build use responsive web design techniques so they look great on a wide range of internet capable devices.

CMSs & Software

I've worked extensively with WordPress to build complex sites and create full custom themes. I have also worked with Squarespace, Big Commerce, and Magento. As well as 3rd party software integration I often build fully bespoke PHP/MySQL software for clients.

I work both independently and as part of different sized teams.

Skills & Experience Contact me

Mark exceeded our expectations when we commissioned him to develop the Skills for Access web site, taking our requirements and working with us to turn them into an effective product...

David Sloan Digital Media Access Group