Link : I totally forgot about print style sheets—Manuel Matuzovic

Optimizing web pages for print is important because we want our sites to be as accessible as possible, no matter the medium. We shouldn’t make assumptions about our users and their behavior. People still print web pages.

A great collection of useful tips – and some crazy CSS things you can do for print. I’ve been working on a print stylesheet for a client recently and there are a few tips in here I wish I’d known while doing that job.


I’m Not Switching to Windows

Recently, a few web people have been trying out the latest Windows machines. I'm likely to stay with the Mac if I can find the money!...

Link : Hello again world—Jen Simmons

Do we dare to write on our own sites again? Do we dare to not be polished or perfect? Do we dare to ramble for tiny audiences who might not care? I hope that I can dare to do just that. Starting here

I’d love to see more people posting more regularly on their blogs again. RSS and subscribing to blogs just works better for me than wading through social media – which I’m not very good at spending time with. I’m going to try and do the same and build a new working blog, thanks Jen.

Link : A Comprehensive Guide to Font Loading Strategies—Zach Leatherman

Fantastic in-depth guide to the current font loading technologies and techniques – and the pros and cons of each. Lots of talk of “Flash of Invisible Text” (FOIT) and “Flash of Un-styled Text” (FOUT)! Helped me to decide what strategies to use going forward…

Staying Relevant

Web design is a fast paced business. The job of building websites today is very different to the one I started over fifteen years ago. So how can you stay up to date?